Homeschooling your child in more than one language

Homeschooling is enjoying a growing popularity among parents that reckon it to be a more individualistic and flexible approach to education.


You may feel that the public school options available do not fulfill your expectations or that their teaching values and methods are not consistent with your home values and methods. If you are a bilingual/bicultural family or a minority family homeschooling seems the perfect fit.

Of course, homeschooling is not for all, as it demands commitment and discipline as well as a good amount of organization, but it can give you amazing results. Homeschooled young people have very high rate of academic success, no matter what their parents’ socio-economical background is, top universities like Princeton and Harvard welcome them, with homeschooler friendly policies.

If you are considering the homeschooling option, you may be worried about the lack of socialization, but actually homeschooling parents reports a lot of socialization going on among homeschooling families.

Actually, there is also the “partial” homeschooling option available, that is what my husband and I adopted. Our kids are usually attending the Italian school at Istanbul (not now that we are in Sweden and they are attending an International School, but the approach is the same), so they have some homeschooling in English with the help of an amazing British friend, Charlotte and weekend homeschool in Turkish with the help of their daddy. Maybe the term “homeschool” is too pretentious as the kids do their homework (math, science for instance) in English or Turkish, or they repeat what they learn at school in Turkish to their dad. Every time without forcing them and respecting them when they are tired

I think this method worked pretty well because now that we are in Sweden and the kids have to attend an international school, they attended their proper grade without difficulties and they did not need any ESL class.

I do not regret to send my kids to a school (I am not enough committed or well organized for homeschooling), or to ask them some extra effort with the work at home, as they are growing up as citizens of the world.


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