What’s the best age to learn a new language?

In this video,  Patricia Kuhl, a reputable neuroscientist, explains us why it is better to acquire more than one language simultaneous, but when she explain the “critical period hypothesis” (that is children acquire a language native like just up to the age of 7), than it is better to be a little bit critical: hypothesis means that it is a suggestion but there is no consensus on it especially to set a precise age boundary. Laura Ann Petitto, another reputable neuroscientist, suggest that the critical age maybe 10 or even later…


About annalia proietti

Ben üç dilli (2002 ve 2005 doğumlu) iki çocuk annesiyim. Değişik ülkelerde (İtalya, İrlanda, İngiltere, Rusya, İsveç) eğitim aldım ve ikidillilik üzerine doktora yaptım.
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