Early Bilingualism Advantages

If you have found this page, you are probably looking for some tips to grow up your child with two or more languages. Maybe you want to check if it is possible to grow up bilingual in a monolingual society like Turkey or you want to get information about the advantages of knowıng two or more languages since infancy.  Maybe your are a teacher and you have students that can speak more than two language and you want to learn why they are so special.

This blog is about the advantages of been a multilingual child, how to learn foreign languages at early ages effectly and the methods of growing up your children bilingual even if you are monolingual



About annalia proietti

Ben üç dilli (2002 ve 2005 doğumlu) iki çocuk annesiyim. Değişik ülkelerde (İtalya, İrlanda, İngiltere, Rusya, İsveç) eğitim aldım ve ikidillilik üzerine doktora yaptım.
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